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Basic Information
Type: Translator
Health: 100500
Speed: 100500%
10000005000000% if in love

== Welcome! ==

— Hi, i am Portal 2 Wiki translator from Russia. I am here to have a good practice in translating! And of course I want to help wiki as much as i can, i finally understood how to make all this scripts and stuff. I Hope I can help! Wheatley spoils you.png ARTYOM


  • To translate all not translated test chambers

3 chambers DONE

my pre-orders

PRE-ORDERED Monday Night Combat!


PRE-ORDERED Homefront!

PRE-ORDERED Total War: Shogun 2!


Check out mine YouTube Channel: You can see there my portal 2 maps :D

Some information about me

This user from Russia

Flag Russia.png This user is Russian.

RE icon.png This user has a Portal 2 backpack, which can be found here.

Steam tray.png This user has a Steam profile, which can be found here.

# This user is a regular on the Portal Wiki IRC channel.