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A picture of the Ap-Sap from Team Fortress 2.
Okay! I'm about to start hacking!
Ap-Sap being attached to a building

The Ap-Sap is an item from Team Fortress 2 and is a Sapper replacement for the Spy. It replaces the default Sapper with a somewhat flattened Wheatley core. The Ap-Sap also has voice lines that are activated upon certain circumstances such as deploying a Sapper, death, or just idling.

This item was awarded Genuine quality from opening the What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?, which is included via promo code with the Portal 2: Songs to Test By CD.


  • In the Team Fortress 2 description, it says that Mann Co. got a great deal with a nice lady at an underground research facility on a "warehouse full of slightly used, possibly mildly defective sappers.[sic]". The lady is likely GLaDOS, the underground research facility is Aperture Science and the slightly defective sappers could be a reference to the defective cores.[1]



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