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This is a list of the default controls for the PC version of Portal 1 & 2. All keys are user-definable in the game Options, via the Developer Console.


Action Key/Button
Move forward W
Move back A
Move left (Strafe) S
Move right (Strafe) D
Duck (Crouch) CTRL


Action Key/Button
Fire Blue Portal LMB
Fire Orange Portal RMB
Use Item (Buttons, Machines, ...) E
Toggle Zoom MMB
Zoom In MU
Zoom Out MD


Action Key/Button
Partner Remote View Tab ⇆
Ping Tool (or Communication Menu) F
Gesture menu Q
Push To Talk Key C
Chat Message T


Action Key/Button
View Leaderboard <none>
Take Screen Shot F5
Quick Save F6
Quick Load F7
Pause Game PAUSE
Quit Game <none>
Toggle Developer Console ~

Miscellaneous Movement Key/Button

Action Key/Button
Turn Left <none>
Turn Right <none>
Look Up <none>
Look Down <none>
Strafe Modifier <none>
Keyboard Look Modifier <none>