Extended Relaxation Annex

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Not to be confused with the Extended Relaxation Center
"This final course is training to reach the human vault. So this actually has a purpose. Those other courses were fun, but let's be honest, I need human test subjects for it to be science"
Atlas and P-Body upon reaching the human vault, with the gesture camera visible
"We are only two tests away from reaching the humans, are you as excited as I am?"

The Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Annex or as referred to by GLaDOS, the Human Vault. Is a location on the end of Portal 2 Co-op Course 5 Chamber 8 housing approximately hundreds to thousand of human test subjects that are put in stasis for years to come. This is GLaDOS' main objective of putting the Co-op duo in the old Aperture Science sections.


The relaxation annex is a place where Aperture Science places the registered test subjects in Stasis Chambers, to complement in case of an apocalyptic event or just to preserve them for further, future testing. Atlas and P-body is required to perform 1 gesture different from each to open the vault.

From there, GLaDOS will take over the control and start to scan the humans, GLaDOS then says that she will transform them into killing machines. They did not survive the transformation.


The appearance of the vault is the vintage 50's design and requires manual lock and manual opening of the vault lock. There is a control panel in front of the vault and a security camera, there is a Reprogrammed Turret in front of the panel and says that it "needs to protect humans".