February 1, 2005 Patch (Narbacular Drop)

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Patch notes


  • All levels created in Hammer Editor, and loadable into the game.
  • System for success conditions implemented.
  • Two functional levels with the puzzles fully implemented.
  • All game objects are implemented.
  • Camera interpolation will be smoother.
  • Game Play:
    • The player can view all five level layouts.
    • The first two levels can be beaten (the door signifying the end of the level can be opened).
    • Textured prototypes of every level object are in the game and can be viewed.
    • Restrictions on where portals can be placed are implemented, and portals can be shot through chain link fences.
    • Transitions through portals are smoother, with less to non-existent flickering.
    • Fixes for orientations going through non aligned portals (aka ceiling to wall, floor to wall, etc), are somewhat accounted for.
    • Impy has some basic path-finding AI.