February 22, 2005 Patch (Narbacular Drop)

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Patch notes


  • All five puzzles at least partially implemented.
  • Waypoint system loader for Hammer implemented (so Lava Turtle can move).
  • More animations for Princess and Impy will be added to the game.
  • AI is functional for Impy, Demon and Turtle, but not finalized.
  • AI allows Wally to give the player hints, partially implemented.
  • Two-Dimensional menus fully implemented.
    • Main Menu (Easy Mode, Impy Mode, Configure, and Quit options)
    • Pause Menu (Return to Game, Restart Room, Quit to Main Menu, and Quit Game options).
    • Configure Menu (Options for display and sounds)
  • Game Play:
    • The player can “beat” four of the five levels.
    • The final boss battle can somewhat be played.
    • Transitions through portals both graphical and orientation-wise will be smoother and less noticeable.
    • Levels will be more interesting, and the AI will be more engaging.
    • The player will be able to get hints on how to beat the level from Wally after certain triggers.
    • The player will be able to change certain options in the game menus.