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Heavy-duty Super-mapping Super-contest was a follow-up contest to Summer Mapping Initiative. The contest began in July 18th and ended on August 5th 23:59 EDT. This mapping-contest was aimed to promote and reward great puzzle designs and advanced map-making techniques[1].



  • Maps must be authored with Hammer Editor. You are free to use the Puzzle Maker as a tool for prototyping your ideas, but maps must be designed and built in Hammer Editor.
  • Maps should be made within the timespan of the competition; previously authored content is not permitted.
  • You are not allowed to re-create any existing maps, regardless of the original author.
  • Your submitted map should only consist of one single map file (one .bsp); multi-map submissions are not allowed.
  • Maps must be submitted before 23:59 EDT on the last day of contest - August 5, 2012
  • Entries may not be modified after the above deadline, for any reason.
  • All maps must be submitted to the Download Database, in the “Contest” category.
  • You can only submit one map per game-mode (Single Player or Cooperative). While you may enter twice into both categories, we encourage focusing your attention on a single entry - thereby ensuring its quality.


  • Fulbright maps (maps without lighting) are not allowed.
  • Playground maps and/or maps with no objective are not allowed.
  • The map .bsp size cannot exceed over the limit of 100MB unarchived.
  • Maps must be completed without using engine glitches of any kind. (This includes, but is not limited to: reportal glitch, bunny hopping, funnel crouching etc.)
  • Maps must contain an entry and exit elevator or a well defined entry and exit.
  • Maps may contain custom assets as long as they are packed completely into the .bsp.


There were a total of 36 maps entered in the competition and 19 judges from different Portal-related sites scored the maps on a scale from one to five. Three maps with the highest ratings were announced as the winners. Five maps were disqualified.[2]

Position Map name Creator Rating Game-mode Honourable/Dishonourable mentions
1st The Corrupted Pitkakorvaa 4.37 Single-player  
2nd He is about to kill you JWcreations 4.12 Single-player  
3rd JOINT POTENTIAL Act 1 Moth 4.11 Cooperative "Best story"
4th Sticky Bridges Amran 4.04 Cooperative "COOP Honourable"
5th Getting Back on a Track BenVlodgi 3.77 Single-player  
6th Mho' Power wrathofmobius 3.76 Single-player "Best new puzzle element"
7th Funnelfling v2 SLOOGOVS 3.75 Single-player  
8th Rapid Effusion Mr. P. Kiwi 3.75 Single-player  
9th Alternate Vordwann 3.73 Single-player "Best custom voice acting"
10th JOINT POTENTIAL - Act 2 Skotty 3.68 Cooperative  
11th PortalCraft sicklebrick 3.60 Single-player "SP Honourable"
12th Collateral Damage LambdaCore 21 3.39 Single-player "Best Half-Life 2 Canon Crossover"
13th Outskirts Testing eladiozro 3.32 Single-player  
14th Gamma Test 1 Naulziator 3.22 Single-player "Best custom-made content"
15th Broken World 2 narkfestmojo 3.20 Single-player  
16th Hallways on the run canari 3.02 Single-player  
17th The Part Where GLaDOS CUBE 3.00 Single-player  
18th Cave's Caves SpAM_CAN 2.94 Single-player  
19th One Shot LoneWolf2056 2.88 Single-player  
20th The Second Exodus josepezdj 2.81 Single-player  
21st constellation:Cancer mironos 2.75 Single-player  
22nd Trust Bridges HammerHead 2.71 Cooperative  
23rd Atrophication The Irate Pirate 2.61 Single-player  
24th Unforgiving SandvichBlock 2.47 Single-player  
25th sp_gel_conveyor GLaDOS9457723 2.47 Single-player  
26th Forcefields and Cubes FelixGriffin 2.42 Single-player  
27th Ode to Turrets I: "The Factory" Kaleido 2.13 Single-player "I told you that you would never finish"
28th Learn to Fly Patches34 1.81 Single-player  
29th Color Me Rainbow and Spank Me Skyward Shakky 1.41 Single-player  
30th Sandy Testing JoshTheBoss 1.29 Single-player  
31st Follow the Camel bandanablandana 1.00 Single-player "Kizzycocoa Prize (worst map)"
DQ tc_vitrified ChickenMobile DQ Single-player "Best disqualified map"
DQ Tests of cleverness Jepp DQ Cooperative  
DQ Arc deltaalphanova DQ Single-player  
DQ An Advanced Test Chamber DocWibbleyWobbley DQ Single-player  
DQ In Order to Disorder AlexNilsson DQ Single-player  




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