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To ensure our Wiki runs smoothly and the community interacts with each other effectively, we ask our Contributors to follow a certain etiquette on the Wiki. Consistent breaches of this etiquette may result in a Contributor being blocked from the site, as they would be considered disruptive and therefore damaging to the Wiki.

We expect each contributor to...

  • Be respectful.
    Every contributor who signs up to this Wiki does so because they want to help make it better. Every contributor should be treated with respect for that decision.
  • Be helpful.
    Everybody has different levels of experience with the MediaWiki software and with the guidelines imposed by this Wiki. If a Contributor is having trouble and you know how to help them - do help them.
  • Be considerate.
    The Wiki belongs to Contributors, every decision made regarding the Wiki should be representative of the community's opinion.
  • Be open.
    The method in which a Wiki should conduct it's work should be representative of the community surrounding the Wiki. Participate in discussions, make suggestions and have your opinions heard.
  • Be nice.
    If a contributor makes a mistake, assume good faith and discuss about the problem on the edit, don't feud them!