June 6, 2016 Patch (The Lab)

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Patch notes

The Lab: Appliance of Science Update

Longbow Updates

  • Longbow now features infinite waves and a global leaderboard, visible on the rear tower
    • The first 8 waves are the same. From wave 9 onward, enemies slowly become faster, more plentiful, and have an increased chance to wear armor
    • There is a break every 8 waves
    • Oil Cauldrons and Exploding Barrels are restored after each break
    • New scoring system added which awards points for enemy kills, headshots, popping red balloons from enemies if gate health is full, remaining oil or barrels at wave end, and for completing a wave.
  • Fixed several cases where enemies would get stuck as they tried to walk past each other
  • Using the -longbow launch command now places the player directly into the game, skipping the approach to the miniature

Xortex Updates

  • Added Xortex Infinite, a boss-free score attack mode with a global leaderboard visible at game over
    • Picking up powerups increases a score multiplier. The maximum multiplier is 10
    • Super Laser replaced with a Bomb which destroys nearby enemies, charged by picking up 2 powerups
    • Using the Bomb resets your score multiplier
    • Enemies and bullets become progressively faster with time
    • Added a new enemy which appears in Xortex Infinite and Classic: The Spinner, which spews bullets from its front and behind as it spins
  • Enemies in Xortex now heat up and glow as they take damage, and then begin to heal over time
  • Certain enemies die automatically if left alive for too long
  • Scoring removed from Xortex Classic

Slingshot Updates

  • Rebalanced Slingshot, and added a global leaderboard visible above the conveyor belt
    • Adjusted point yields for towers, barrels, and tracer core boxes
    • Adjusted points needed to earn an extra core
    • Barrel explosions are now more powerful
    • If all platforms are cleared, any remaining cores will yield bonus points

Other Updates

  • Added voice subtitles and text translations for several languages for the Intro, Hub, Slingshot, Robot Repair, and Secret Shop. The language is set by your current Steam language. Subtitles can be toggled on and off by using the panel in the title scene.
  • Added a scene selection dropdown interface to the monitor's viewer window
  • The computer screen viewer window can now be set to full screen with a launch parameter: -fullscreen
  • Added more scene selection launch parameters for the Lab, Secret Shop and Robot Repair: -hub, -secretshop, -robotrepair
  • There is now a haptic controller response when petting Fetchbot. Who's a good bot?