Portal 2 Chapter 1 Incinerator

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Portal 2 Chapter 1 Incinerator
sp_a2_intro.bsp Incinerator

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This is the ninth level of the game, and takes place within a Test Chamber and the Incinerator Room. This level introduces the player to the dual-portal variant of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, and the way in which two linked player-created Portals can be used to avoid obstacles. This level advances the storyline, and does not contain any significant Portal-based puzzles or obstacles. This level corresponds with Test Chamber 19 from the original Portal.





  • Fire


  • Incinerator Room
  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 19 (Dilapidated)


  • After acquiring the dual-portal device, place a portal on the far wall and the opposite portal on a nearby wall.
  • Once through, fire a portal past the wrecked wall and pass through it. Continue walking until a panel is visible to the right. Place a portal on it and pass through it
  • Continue walking until a ledge to the right is visible, place portals to reach this area. Opposite this ledge is a destroyed test chamber with panels hanging from the ceiling; place portals to enter this area.
  • Continue walking to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

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You Know Her? by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory [3:10] | Download Download | Play icon.png Play



  • The Weighted Companion Cube can be seen falling out of a pipe in this level.
  • A Sentry Turret can be seen falling out of a pipe in this level saying "Coming through".
  • Despite being part of Act 2 (reconstruction), this map is still treated as part of Chapter 1 (The Courtesy Call).

Challenge Mode

  • Map name: sp_a2_intro.bsp
  • World record: 33.55 by Kendal
  • Portals: 0
  • CM (Challenge Mode) Available: Yes