Portal 2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 1

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Portal 2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 1
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This is the second level of the game, and introduces the concept of controlling Portals with Switches. This level takes place within a dilapidated Test Chamber, and allows the player to control the location of a Portal using a Switch. Activating and using the Portals in the correct order allows the player to enter the Chamberlock and move deeper into the Facility.





  • Complete the decayed test shaft (Test Chamber 01)


  • None


  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 01 (Dilapidated)


  • Overgrown


  • Jump into the pit and activate the button when prompted; a blue portal will open. Turn around to face the starting ledge to see an orange portal.
  • Walk through the orange portal and pick up the Weighted Storage Cube, bring the cube back to the central area.
  • Press the button opposite the first button to open a different portal. Take the cube through the orange portal and place it on the Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button, then return to the central area.
  • Press the remaining button to open another portal. Walk through the orange portal and through the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

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