Portal 2 Chapter 5 Turret Control Center

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Portal 2 Chapter 5 Turret Control Center
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This is the thirty-second level of the game, and takes place within the Turret Redemption Line and the Turret Control Center. This level advances the central plot, and Turrets are present as the primary hazard.





  • Go through the Turret manufacturing Wing with Wheatley



  • Turret Shooting Range
  • Turret Redemption Line
  • Classroom
  • Bring Your Daughter to Work Day Fair (canceled)


  • While you are in the room, fire a portal on the wall and go out of the room. Place the other portal over the first Turret Redemption Line. Go through the first portal.
  • Walk forwards and jump on the box on the right. Jump on the air conditioning vents to get to the second Turret Redemption Line and go to the right.
  • At this point an Oracle Turret will come to you on the Redemption Line and you can pick it up if you so choose.
  • Upon reaching the wall, turn left and get to the catwalk below by using the boxes on the sides.
  • Go along the catwalk and when you get to a corridor with a window on the left side, shoot a portal on the wall and the other over the window on the panels above the dummy and go through the portal and land behind the wall.
  • Put a portal in a room behind the turrets and the other portal on the wall behind the dummy. When you see a Defective Turret, enter the portal and run to the catwalk on the right and follow it.
  • When you see an Incinerator on the right, you need to catch a defective turret in mid-air.
  • Take the turret with you and continue walking.
  • Follow Wheatley and obey his orders.
  • Place a portal through the broken door-window and the other on a wall where you can go through it.
  • Take the master turret out and replace it with the defective one.
  • Wait for Wheatley to open the door and go along the catwalk and then turn left.
  • Go through the classroom and past the potato displays.
  • Follow Wheatley downstairs and along the corridor.
  • Go through the door.

Video walkthrough

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Related achievements

No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings
Save a turret from redemption
Scanned Alone
Scanned Alone
Stand in a defective turret detector


Turret Redemption Line by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory [3:23] | Download Download | Play icon.png Play
Bring Your Daughter To Work Day by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory [2:40] | Download Download | Play icon.png Play



  • The camera in the Turret Scanner uses the camera model from Portal, instead of the updated version found in Portal 2's test chambers.
  • When you see the Oracle Turret you can pick it up or leave it behind. If you pick it up, it will talk to you.