Co-op Course 1 Chamber 06

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Co-op Course 1 Chamber 06
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This is the seventh level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the sixth level in the course. This level takes place "behind the scenes" and doesn't contain a disassembly machine. It also introduces the players to Circuit Breakers.


The goal of the level is to insert a disc into the CD player.




  • Being crushed by the door


# Atlas P-body
1Walk along the catwalk and stop just as you are about to pass a wall. Shoot a portal to the wall and place the other portal over to the bright small room behind it.
2Go through the portal and proceed to the room with the CD player. Then go to the room with the two Circuit Breakers and go stand in front of them. Use the Breakers simultaneously (the Timer ping is very useful in these situations).
3Fire a portal through the door and place the other one on the wall next to you.
4Retrieve the CD and place it in the player.
5Wait for GLaDOS to help your exit.

Video walkthrough


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