Co-op Course 6 Chamber 1

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Co-op Course 6 Chamber 1
mp_coop_separation_1.bsp 01 Separation

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This is the first test chamber of the Peer Review additional testing course, Art Therapy. It takes place much years later after the final events of the main coop campaign. The players must use their knowledge in lasers, flinging and advanced timing in order to pass this chamber.






# The one who entered the left door The one who entered the right door
1 Open the first part of chamber by standing on the red circular buttons.
2Place the 1st portal to the left of the entrance. Turn right and place the 2nd portal a little above you, which is facing the right side. Wait for the other character to destroy the first pair turrets on the left. Wait for the other character to bring Discouragement Redirection Cube to the left side. Take Discouragement Redirection Cube and move along the cyan/yellow dots and a collapsible bridge. Wait for the other character to deploy the collapsible bridge for you. Wait for the other character to redirect Thermal Discouragement Beam to the left side. Rotate Discouragement Redirection Cube in order to destroy the second pair turrets on the right side for for the other character. Continue with Discouragement Redirection Cube until the end of the first part with the red rectangular button.
3Leave Discouragement Redirection Cube on the the red rectangular button and proceed to the second part.
4Shoot the third portal in front of you. Shoot the 4th portal in the other side across the Goo. Walk into 3rd portal. Shoot the 5th portal under thing which spawns cubes. Shot 6th portal on the only angled white wall between 3rd and 4th portals. Press the Pedestal Button to spawn a cube. Wait until cube leaves your 6th portal. Continue past the semi-transparent gate.
5Shoot 7th and 8th portals on the only angled white walls above the Goo. Wait for the other character to catch the cube. Continue with portal 9th on the left vertical wall. Continue with portal 10th across the Goo. Follow the white evacuation signs to get to the exit.

Video walkthrough