Portal Escape (Part 2)

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Portal Escape (Part 2)

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This is the twenty-second level of the game. It takes place within the maintenence areas of the facility, and requires the player to utilise their knowledge of Flinging. Pistons are present as the primary hazard.




  • Walk around the corner and go to the end of the corridor.
  • Go stand on the piston in the center and once on top, fire a portal on the wall in the small room ahead.
  • Jump down on the floor and place a portal on the wall next to you and go through.
  • Walk to the right, jump down from the ledge and continue to the room ahead.
  • Look up and shoot a portal on the white platform higher up. The portal must be placed near the corner on the left.
  • Put the other portal on the platform near you. Make sure it is above one of the pistons. Stand on the piston and you should go through the portal.
  • While standing on the piston, wait for the piston next to you to extend and then jump on it and then continue to the area next to it.
  • Look up and fire a portal on the wall near the ceiling. Put the other portal on the floor and go through it.
  • Quickly fire a portal on the floor where you are about to land and wait for landing.
  • Go to the left and fire a portal past the fast-moving pistons and place the other one on the wall next to you.
  • Shoot a portal past the two bigger pistons and go through the portal.
  • Look up again and fire a portal on the wall closest to the ceiling.
  • Go through the portal if the piston in front of the portal forms a temporary floor you could use.
  • Put a portal in the room behind the fence opposite of you and fall down past the pistons.
  • Go through the portal and turn to face the transportation tubes.
  • Jump down on the tube and duck. Go along the tube until you are above a similiar tube. Drop down on the tube below.
  • Place a portal as low as you can on the wall next to you. Go along the tube to the moving piston.
  • Fire a portal above the piston on the wall opposite of the piston.
  • Jump through the portal on the wall you've placed earlier when the piston is extended.
  • Go to the area ahead and jump over the railings.


Video walkthrough

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