Portal Spawner

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Active portal spawner with an orange portal as it appears in Portal 2.
Stand back. The portal will open in 3... 2... 1.

Portal Spawners, also known as Portal Emitters,[1] Portal Doors,[2] or Autoportals[3] are test mechanics that appear in Portal and Portal 2's single-player campaign.

Overview (no spoilers)

When activated, a Portal Spawner will spawn a portal inside of it. Each spawner is set to spawn a particular color portal. Spawners are sometimes activated as soon as you enter the test chamber. Other times, they are activated by Pedestal Buttons or set on a timer. At the very beginning of each game, when the player has no Handheld Portal Device, both blue and orange Portal Spawners can be found in the test chambers. Once the player receives the Portal Device and can fire blue portals on their own, only orange Portal Spawners are in use, then when the Device is upgraded to fire both portals, the Portal Spawners are out of use.


  • An icon of a Portal Spawner can be found in the Puzzle Creator's files, despite it not being in the Puzzle Creator.


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