Test Chamber 03

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Test Chamber 03

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Chamber icon excursion switch on.pngChamber icon water hazard on.pngChamber icon light bridge on.pngChamber icon laser field on.pngChamber icon excursion funnel on.png

The map Chamber 03 is the fifth map in the third chapter of Portal Stories: Mel. The map consists of two tests to solve. Even though the sign at the start of the chamber mentions laser fields as a hazard, in Story mode there are none.

The first test introduces the player to Aerial Faith Plates. In Story mode, the only hazard in this test is falling to death. In Advanced mode, it's also possible to be killed by the Thermal Discouragement Beam.

The second test adds excursion funnels. In Story mode, the only hazard there is to die in the water or goo.


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