Test Chamber 12

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Test Chamber 12

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This Test Chamber is the thirteenth level of the game, and combines the technique of Flinging with the activation of Buttons using Weighted Storage Cubes.




  • Walk over to the ledge and place a portal on the floor below and the other one on the extended wall above.
  • Jump through the portal on the floor and wait until you land. Then turn around and shoot a portal on the other extended wall above the previous one.
  • Fall through the portal on the floor and wait for landing. Fire a portal on the tilted wallpanels and go jump through the portal on the floor.
  • Wait for landing and the pick up the Weighted Storage Cube. Go place it on the button below to open the exit.
  • Go jump through the portal on the floor one last time. Then wait for landing and go in the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

Download Download demo file

Trapping yourself

It is possible to trap yourself but unfortunately GlaDOS will not spawn another cube and apologize.

  • Solve the test normally.
  • At the exit place a portal in the exit corridor, go back to the testing area.
  • Grab the cube and go to the nearest portal able surface in the test chamber.
  • Place your other portal.
  • Throw in the cube.
  • Place both portals inside the test chamber.
  • Congratulations, you are now trapped forever.


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