Test Chamber 14

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Test Chamber 14

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This Test Chamber is the fifteenth level of the game, and includes Weighted Storage Cubes and Buttons, as well as the High Energy Pellet.




  • Go to the end of the hall and turn left. Go forwards and up the stairs.
  • Turn left and shoot a portal on the panels near the ceiling directly facing the cube.
  • Go back to the stairs that have now been lowered and then fire the other portal on the floor and go through the portal.
  • You should land within range of the Weighted Storage Cube. Pick it up and go down the stairs. Place the cube on the button.
  • Go through the door turn right. You'll see another room ahead.
  • Go to the room and turn to face the moving platforms.
  • Fire a portal on the other side of the room and the other portal on the wall on the right near you.
  • Enter through the portal and shoot the portal you placed on this side of the room on the wall facing the High Energy Pellet.
  • Get to the other side of the room by using the moving platforms.
  • Remember to dodge the High Energy Pellet as you go back to the main hallway.
  • Shoot other portal on the ceiling over the High Energy Pellet Receptacle.
  • Use the Victory Lift to enter the Chamberlock.

Alternative Solution

Apart from completing the level as was intended, players can also fling their way onto the Victory Lift using the altitude from the lowered staircase. The commentary node in this level reveals that the development team was made aware of this matter during play-testing, and that it was left in on purpose.

Video walkthrough

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Alternate Solutions:

Download demo file


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