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The Portal 2 Wiki was founded on the 20th April 2011 by Lagg, RJackson and WindPower, who knew each other from being members of staff at the Official Team Fortress Wiki. The Wiki's intent is to document the Portal series, produced by Valve Software, in an encyclopedic manner that proves beneficial to fanatics, players and prospective players.

Video introduction

Core Team

Quickly after the Wiki's founding, additional contributors from the Official Team Fortress Wiki and trusted friends formed the Core Team of Contributors that helped prepare the blank slate of MediaWiki into a functioning Wiki ready to be packed full of information. This "Core team" is mentioned as a thank you to them for their efforts.

The Core Team comprised of:

Alex2539 Darkstar516
DrAkcel Lagg
Maggosh Minip
Moussekateer OluapPlayer
Picard RJackson
Seb Tturbo


Portal Wiki Staff
Moderators Administrators Bureaucrats
BiBi Alex2539 Lagg
DoktorAkcel Moussekateer RJackson
EpicEric OluapPlayer WindPower
Infi^ Pilk
i-ghost Seb


Article content on the Portal Wiki is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Unless otherwise noted (e.g. on official artwork images), content from this site may be used freely anywhere on the web, including for commercial purposes, as long as attribution is preserved.

This notably differs from the Combine Overwiki where the content is under a Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license, which is a very permissive license as well but has the extra requirement that content derived from it must be shared under a ShareAlike license (which CC BY 4.0 is not, because it does not have this ShareAlike condition).

Content from the Portal Wiki may be freely copied onto the Combine Overwiki, but content from the Combine Overwiki may not be copied onto the Portal Wiki, as this would violate the Combine Overwiki's ShareAlike license clause.