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The Unofficial Portal Wiki is not affiliated in any way with Valve nor this is the official wiki, we only document things affiliated with Portal, Portal 2 and any corresponding materials.


The Unofficial Portal Wiki uses Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY-3.0) to any information supplied into the wiki, and license laundering is strictly prohibited. Should anyone violates that, please contact our bureaucrats. If the copyright infringement is strictly serious, please email audit@creativecommons.org for further information.

Valve's Content

The Unofficial Portal Wiki uses official Valve content, any content from valve is a Trademark from Valve LLC, this includes any material from Portal, Portal 2, and other Valve titles. More legal information can be found here

Information & Contents

No formal peer review
Any content from The Unofficial Portal Wiki is subject to change and may not be accurate, it is not recommended to use information from Portal Wiki in official uses. If you need specific advice, please seek a knowledgeable person, we only act as a place to refer.