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The soundtrack for Portal is contained in the The Orange Box Original Soundtrack released on December 21, 2007. The soundtrack also contains tracks from Half-Life 2: Episode One and Two and Team Fortress 2. The first half of the soundtrack (consisting of songs heard in the test chambers) was composed by Kelly Bailey. The second half (consisting of songs that play in behind-the-scenes areas, including Rattmann dens, offices, maintenance areas, and the Central AI Chamber) was composed by Mike Morasky.[1]

The Orange Box Original Soundtrack can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes. The tracks from Portal can be found in .mp3 format inside the Portal game cache file (portal content.gcf) under the directory \portal\sound\music\.

Track listing

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1. Subject Name Here - 1:44 A pulsing track riddled with high pitched beeps. Plays when the player acquires the Dual Portal Device that can shoot both blue and orange portals, in Test Chamber 11. Composed by Kelly Bailey.

2. Taste of Blood - 3:06 A nostalgic track with hints of melancholy that plays when the player first encounters the Portal gun, which only shoots blue portals. Composed by Kelly Bailey.

3. Android Hell - 3:45 A soaring ambient synth track that plays first in Test Chamber 13, and again in the large room of Test Chamber 18 containing turrets. Composed by Kelly Bailey.

4. Self Esteem Fund - 3:30 Arguably the most melancholic song on the soundtrack, this lamenting track plays in Test Chambers 10 and 14. Composed by Kelly Bailey.

5. Procedural Jiggle Bone - 4:34 A wobbly, otherworldly ambient synth track that plays on Portal's main menu and during Test Chambers 8 and 19. Composed by Kelly Bailey.

6. No Cake For You - 4:05 A slightly creepy, hopeless track that plays in Test Chamber 16's Ratman den. Throughout the track, high pitched radio transmission-like beeps and rythmic, water-like synth bells can be heard. Composed by Mike Morasky.

7. 4000 Degrees Kelvin - 1:01 A dramatic, chaotic track that plays GLaDOS attempts to incinerate the player by lowering them into the fire pit on the Unstationary Scaffold at the end of Test Chamber 19. Composed by Kelly Bailey.

8. Stop What You Are Doing - 4:00 A creepy ambient track that plays during the protagonists' escape as they traverse through the dilapidated maintenance areas and offices of the Enrichment Center. Composed by Mike Morasky.

9. Party Escort - 4:21 A soft, synth-filled ambient track that plays during the protagonist's first encounter with the Rocket Turret. Composed by Mike Morasky.

  • The high-pitched ringing heard throughout the song may represent the Rocket Turret's aiming laser. This, however, is unconfirmed by Morasky.

10. You're Not a Good Person - 1:24 An intense percussive track that plays during the turret ambush towards the end of the protagonist's escape. Composed by Mike Morasky.

11. You Can't Escape, You Know - 6:24 Plays during the final battle with GLaDOS, as neurotoxin flows into the Central AI Chamber. Composed by Mike Morasky.

12. Still Alive - 3:05 The acclaimed end credits theme of Portal, written by Jonathan Coulton and sung by Ellen McLain as GLaDOS.

The soundtrack also includes a mix of the song Still Alive made by J.C which can't be heard while playing the game.