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Documentation for Chamber infobox


  • title – The title of the chamber. It should be the same as the page name, with the "game" identifier removed.
  • valve-titleOptional: The Valve-assigned title of the chamber, as seen in the challenge mode of single player.
  • map – The .bsp map file in which the test chamber resides.
  • dirty – If set, will use the "dirty" style of the test chamber panel.
  • number – The numerical identifier of the test chamber.
  • previous – The name of the previous test chamber's page.
  • next – The name of the next test chamber's page.
  • total – The total amount of test chambers as reported by the in-game test chamber signs.
  • screenshot – The name of an uploaded screenshot to be used within the infobox.
  • noprogress – If set, will hide the progress bar.
  • icon1icon15 – Set these to the icons as shown on the in-game signs. Add "on" to the end to make them fully opaque, otherwise they default to semitransparent. If icon1 is not set, the icons will be hidden. Available icons:
  • gelindic1/gelindic2 – The state of the gel indicators, left and right respectively. If gelindic1 is not set, the indicators will be hidden. gelindic1 must be set to off if it's disabled but the other is enabled. gelindic2 defaults to off. Available states:
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