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Stay still, please!!
Akuago220 infuriated from trying to keep a cube stationary in the Sixense MotionPack DLC.

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My Jungle-designed logo was mechanically altered... for science!

Pages made by ME

  • Turret Lullaby (Rock-A-Bye robo-baby, on the Aperture Science scientist-supervised test nursery!)
  • Cores So many Cores, but... so many holes that the cores themselves cannot fill; not spherical enough.
  • Space Sphere Ironic, I'm nowhere near as crazy as it, and I made this one. SPAAAAAA.... no.

Aperture Science-Generated Userboxes

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Atlas.png This user prefers Atlas.

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User Aperture AI icon.png This user is an employee of Aperture Science.

Flag America.png This user is American, Pardner!

Portal 2 logo.png This user owns Portal 2.

Portal logo.png This user owns Portal.

RE icon.png This user has a Portal 2 backpack, which can be found here.

en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.