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Basic Information





24th June, 2020

  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer

All Genre

  • PC



Cave Johnson founded Aperture Fixtures years ago, and now it's Aperture Laboratories. It's now been made in the video game app, 'Roblox', when Cave designed a new place and passed it down to Roblox game creator PortalFan2009. Then, GLaDOS ruined the facility, and a new one was made, passed down to CreationBloxxer123. Then the test chambers were released as part of the Aperture Laboratories Roblox Testing Initiative for new Roblox members and testing how much you know on Roblox.


Go through the game solving Aperture Laboratories Test Chambers, completing the game in a similar way as you do in Portal, but instead of killing GLaDOS, you attempt to kill ALCAIS (Aperture Laboratories Control Artificial Intelligence Systems)



Vital Apparatus Vent

The Vital Apparatus Vent can drop multiple stuff such as:

  • Weighted Storage Cubes
  • Sentry Turrets
  • Weighted Companion Cubes
  • One-Use Storage Cubes

These vents are connected by tubes running unseen through the facility. They often drop Weighted Storage Cubes but in the end of the game, a Vital Apparatus Vent will deliver a Weighted Companion Cube in the room with the exit door.


Weighted Storage Cube

The Weighted Storage Cube is the default cube given in tests and is used to activate The Super Button. The Weighted Storage Cube is a white cube with a Cyan border. It is made entirely of metal.

Weighted Companion Cube

The Companion Cube is the cube given in test chambers and when you defeat ALFCAIS. It is similar to the Storage Cube but with a pink border. This is the only piece of Apparatus to be fizzled by the Humanoid Fizzler.

One-Use Storage Cube

This cube is a special Weighted Storage Cube with a red border instead of Cyan. This can only be used once, meaning once placed on a Super Button the cube is automatically fizzled if picked up again, and a new one is dispensed at the start of the test.


Hard Light Bridge

The Hard Light Bridge is a bridge GLaDOS claims to be made of light pumped in from the surface. It is a translucent solid coloured blue.

Super Button

The Super Button is a red button on the floor activated by a cube or human.

One-Touch Super Button

The One-Touch Super Button is a blue Super Button which only needs to be pressed once, meaning that a One-Use Storage Cube can still power the button if picked up again.


Sentry Turret

The Sentry Turret is an spherical robot with a red eye and a laser pointer, letting them recognise when test subjects is there, shooting them with their hidden guns that retract with their shell on the left and right side.

Thermal Discouragement Beam

The Thermal Discouragement Beam is a simple laser that shoots from a panel and hurts you when it is touched.

Thermal Discouragement Beam Wall

The Beam Wall is multiple Thermal Discouragement Beams above the previous, as tall as he main size of the test chamber, and acts like the humanoid fizzler but hurts you on touch instead of instantly killing you.


Humanoid Fizzler

The Humanoid Fizzler is a fizzler which only kills people, and Companion Cubes. Any other item to pass through won't be fizzled.

Apparatus Fizzler

The Apparatus Fizzler is the default fizzler which fizzles all apparatus (including Companion Cubes) and disables unfizzable apparatus, and is re-enabled when hits the next Apparatus Fizzler.


Single-Player Characters

  • You (Player's Roblox Avatar)
  • Chell (Female Test Subject)
  • Melvin (Male Test Subject)

Multi-Player Characters

Single-Player Unlockables