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"So, more test subjects for me to test, what a surprise."

This is my sandbox page, this is where i TEST things before releasing it into the main article stream!


Direct test


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Lyrics Background

Still Alive

Forms FORM-29827281-12:

Test Assessment Report

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here:
It's hard to overstate
my satisfaction.
Aperture Science
We do what we must
because we can.
For the good of all of us.
Except the ones who are dead.

But there's no sense crying
over every mistake.
You just keep on trying
till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are
still alive.

Forms FORM-55551-5:
Personnel File Addendum:

Dear <<Subject Name Here>>,

I'm not even angry.
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you broke my heart.
And killed me.
And tore me to pieces.
And threw every piece into a fire.
As they burned it hurt because
I was so happy for you!
Now these points of data
make a beautiful line.
And we're out of beta.
We're releasing on time.
So I'm GLaD. I got burned.
Think of all the things we learned
for the people who are
still alive.

Forms FORM-55551-6:
Personnel File Addendum Addendum:

One last thing:

Go ahead and leave me.
I think I prefer to stay inside.
Maybe you'll find someone else
to help you.
Maybe Black Mesa...
Anyway, this cake is great.
It's so delicious and moist.
Look at me still talking
when there's Science to do.
When I look out there,
it makes me GLaD I'm not you.
I've experiments to run.
There is research to be done.
On the people who are
still alive.

PS: And believe me I am
still alive.
PPS: I'm doing Science and I'm
still alive.
PPPS: I feel FANTASTIC and I'm
still alive.

While you're dying I'll be
still alive.

And when you're dead I will be
still alive.


Still alive.

Want You Gone

Note that the bold words in the following lyrics are displayed, but not sung or spoken:
Forms FORM-29827281-12-2:

Notice of Dismissal

Well here we are again
It's always such a pleasure
Remember when you tried
to kill me twice?

Oh how we laughed and laughed
Except I wasn't laughing
Under the circumstances
I've been shockingly nice

You want your freedom?
Take it
That's what I'm counting on
I used to want you dead
Now I only want you gone

She was a lot like you
(Maybe not quite as heavy)
Now little Caroline is in here too

One day they woke me up
So I could live forever
It's such a shame the same
will never happen to you

Severance Package Details:

You've got your
short sad
life left
That's what I'm counting on
I'll let you get right to it
Now I only want you gone

Goodbye my only friend
Oh, did you think I meant you?
That would be funny
if it weren't so sad

Well you have been replaced
I don't need anyone now
When I delete you maybe
[REDACTED] (I'll stop feeling so bad)

Go make some new disaster
That's what I'm counting on
You're someone else's problem
Now I only want you gone
Now I only want you gone
Now I only want you

~ Headquarter8302 User page - User talk 03:08, 2 March 2021 (UTC)