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Greetings smelly human! I'm MogDog66, quite a unique name, and odds are if you're in game, or if you're just cruising around the internet and see another MogDog, it's more than likely me!

Testing subject: "MOGDOG"s Userboxes

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Simulated reality enjoyment programs

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Caption Progress

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 1: The Courtesy Call

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 2: The Cold Boot

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 3: The Return

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 4: The Surprise

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 5: The Escape

This chapter is currently being worked on by MogDog66, so to avoid problems with already existing work being re-done by another user, please do not caption any of the videos in this chapter.

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