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Hi. I'm a Wormhole.
And I make stuff happen.
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Achievement Overclocker.jpg As of April 17, 2024,
I have been a Portal Wikipedian for 12 years, 10 months, and 18 days. (since May 30, 2011)

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When new stuff is on it's way, something happens or I have time for new translations, these are the pages become important.

WikiPage Why is this so important?
Template:Main Page news Newest news have to be translated in this page.
Päivitykset New patches in the games? Add the link in here.
Template:Portal 2 Official Blog Table When the Portal 2 team release a blog post, the table needs to be updated.
Category:Translations needing updating Pages added here by {{update trans}}. Very useful when used correctly.
Portal Wiki:Reports/Missing translations/fi What needs to be translated. Only ~200 pages to go!
Template:FeaturedArticle/fi If the Featured Article is changed, this has to be changed too.
Template:Did you know/fi Tiesitkö, että... page needs translating every now and then...